The Ease of Doing Business

Sinaloa offers a logistics platform with a productive workforce that affords a great opportunity for investment in different areas. Its privileged geographical location provides ample access to international markets.

  • Sinaloa has an excellent business environment that supports both public and private organizations.
  • It is considered by the World Bank to be the 5th state with the most ease to do business within México.
  • It`s the 9th state according to the Mexican Index of Competitiveness.

Sinaloa is one of Mexico’s states in which great synergy exists between the business sector and the State and County governments. Businessmen as well as government officials work together to         facilitate and support investors and businesses that want to work in the state.

CIT Sinaloa is the operative branch of CODESIN and the Secretary of   Economy of Sinaloa, SEDECO.

CODESIN is a public-private space for cooperation, integrated by businessmen and public officers whose main objective is to influence public policies for competitiveness and the economic advancement of Sinaloa.

Created by decree in 1996, it is legally sustained and recognized as a mixed organism whose objectives, among others, are to propose a long-term economic project for the state, the strategic plan that supports it, along with the mechanisms to measure the advances and the information that should be communicated.

On a regional level, CODESIN has 4 regional committees for economic advancement whose purpose is to boost competitiveness and attractiveness in their geographical sectors.

CODESIN aids in the creation of conditions that are necessary for attracting and retaining investments, which is one of the more widely known ways for generating jobs. Creating these conditions has to do with building a competitive platform, planning and with the institutionalization of an advancement process that guarantees the continuity and long-term vision.