Success Stories of International Companies

Delphi was established in 1992 in Los Mochis. It currently has 5 thousand jobs in 2 plants (Los Mochis and Guamúchil). First plant to be certified with the Shingo Prize.  It produces automotive harnesses and has Chevrolet and Chrysler as their main customers

Sumitomo Contec has 8 processing plants established in Sinaloa with more than 4 thousand jobs, in the north and north center part of the state (Los Mochis, Guasave, San Blas and El Carrizo). It has had an annual growth projection since 2004.

Walbro Engine Management is the largest producer of carburetors and a leading manufacturer of ignition systems, components for fuel injection and air / fuel handling. Established in Los Mochis 10 years ago with 800 jobs. It has electronic processes, foundry, assembly, metalworking and molding.

Hikam Japanese Company of the Hewtech Group that started operations in Guasave, Sinaloa in 2002. It manufactures technological drivers for gaming machines (casino), alarms and automobiles. In 2011, they expanded their industrial warehouse, for storage areas and production lines and a second expansion is about to be completed. Its main client is in the US.  In 2017 it aims to close with about 250 jobs. Nowadays, they are also producing cables for solar panels.

InserTech. Company established in Culiacán, Sinaloa, with presence in China and the United States. They produce components of auto parts for assemblers such as Honda, Toyota and Ford. Currently it has 300 employees and among its lines, it has molding injection functions and assemblies.