Due to its prolific land, our state has been known as one of the main advocates of agricultural production. Recently, however, another sector of the economy has emerged and will continue to do so, we speak, of course, of the tourism industry.

-Years ago, the state of Sinaloa was represented very worthily by the port of Mazatlán, which continues to be the spearhead of the national and international tourism demands; even more so now with the recent opening of the Mazatlán-Durango highway, a safe and fast route that allows the access of a large amount  of visitors from the states of Durango, Coahuila, Chihuahua and even Nuevo León by land.

– Nowadays Mazatlán is not the only alternative, since our great biodiversity has allowed us to offer options adapted to the most demanding tastes and needs. Because of that, today Sinaloa has become a potential and developing tourism power.

– This is because Sinaloa offers alternatives for Adventure Tourism, Ecotourism, and of course, the possibility of visiting the always picturesque Colonial villages such as Cosalá, Concordia, El Rosario, Copala and El Fuerte.

-Mazatlán is considered the best family beach destination in the country.

-According to The Financial Times, Mazatlán is 1st place in Mexico as a city with greater economic expectation and profitability in “Cost Efectiveness”.

-Derived from the Mazatlan-Durango highway, Mazatlán has presented considerable economic spillage during Easter and summer. In addition, it permanently has an average hotel occupancy of 70-75%.

-The largest investment in tourism infrastructure in the last 20 years in Mexico is also invested in Sinaloa.

-In an area of ​​2,381 hectares on the beaches of Teacapán, municipality of Escuinapa only 85 km south of Mazatlán, Playa Espíritu is being built.

-The potential capacity of the project has been estimated at 44,000 housing and tourism units, of which 11,600 will be hotel rooms, 15,800 residential homes.