With a population of 2’994,153 of which 49% is younger than 19, the people of Sinaloa are characterized by their kind and warm manners, their work ethic and entrepreneurship vision.


  • More than 9,000 residents from the United States, Canada and parts of Europe permanently live in the state, mainly in Mazatlán.


Education in Sinaloa is a priority because the State Government works eagerly every day to improve the infrastructure, the education model and professionalization of its citizens.
Its young people study in more than 150 universities and centers, both higher and technical education, emphasizing different academic disciplines, and many of their athletes are recognized on an international level.
Elementary and Junior High schools are at the expected level, the same as in the States of Jalisco, Mexico and Nuevo León, and also of Mexico City.

Sinaloa has:
• 144 Master’s Degree Programs
• 16 Doctorate Programs.
• 7 specialization and 1 regional program registered at CONACYT.
• 231 institutions registered in the National Registry of Scientific and Technologic Businesses of CONACYT.
• More than 20,000 students registered in colleges of Engineering and Computer Science.


  • There are more than 150 health centers in Sinaloa. These include hospitals, laboratories, clinics, sanatoriums, rehabilitation clinics and specialized centers. There are also more than 30 medical specialties.
  • The Government of Sinaloa provides medical and social assistance programs to citizens and has private investment in excellent world-class hospital services centers.

Culture and entertainment

  • Mazatlán is considered the best family beach destination in the country.
  • Within its territory, modern day cities coexist with old, magical, stately towns. Culture is promoted where different activities such as concerts, exhibits and festivals take place in the state’s 18 counties all year long.