Petrochemical: Natural Gas

In 2013 the construction of the pipeline began in Sinaloa, which will be 640 kilometers long. In July 2018, Sinaloa will have natural gas.

  • The installation of 3 thermoelectric plants to generate 2,343 MW will make an estimated investment of 2,100 million dollars. CC thermoelectric plants are 23% more efficient.

  • Have an energy platform to retain and attract companies and create more and better jobs.
  • Encourage agroindustry
  • Develop a more efficient and less polluting public transportation system
  • Families will have cheaper and safer energy.
  • 58% of Sinaloa´s people will have access to the cheapest natural gas.
  • The price that will be paid for gas in Sinaloa will be 70% less than the cost consumed by industries in Korea, Japan, China and India, and 50% less than that of Germany and Italy.