Sinaloa has industrial parks for the manufacture of products from different sectors, such as the auto-parts, aerospace, medical equipment, electronics as well as distribution centers for the different industries.  All the industrial parks of the state are located near the production centers of raw materials and are connected to the ports of entry and exit by land, sea or air.

Sinaloa also has a well-trained, competitive, highly productive workforce with low turnover. In Sinaloa, there has not been a strike in the last 20 years.

1. El Trébol 2.  Guasave
3. La Primavera 4.  Mazatlán
5. Agroindustrias 6.  Costa Rica
7. Topolobampo 8.  Bonfil
9. Punto Verde 10.  La Costa
11. Dissa

The textile sector employs more than 500 people in the state and produces clothing for internationally recognized brands.